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I have been pain-free for a month!


"I am a breast cancer survivor and I suffer from neuropathy from my cancer treatment. I am proud to say that I have been pain-free for a month now!
I know it is from the principles that I'm learning and my new way of eating."

- Leila Ganthier

Going the Vegan route has been amazing for me.


"I was able to lose 30 lbs and to sing better as an opera singer.
My body feels great, my energy is completely different, I'm sleeping through the night, I don't feel slugish, no brain fog. It's just amazing!"

- Ardeen Pierre

I absolutely love my meals!


"I was scared that my meals would be tasteless with only plain vegetables but learning how to cook to get the best nutrients. I discovered new types of foods and learned how to cook in a whole new way.
If you're hesitant, I want you to know that you're in the right place."

- Laure-Anais  "Laure" Chrone

My biggest fear was that I wouldn't know what to do to lose weight.


"I felt I had an idea on what I needed to do, but knowing what to do and actually doing it are two completely different things. From working with Nina, I learned how to take baby steps and get moving. I was able to lose 20lbs by being more active and by reducing my dairy and meat consumption."

- Danielle Lewis

I feel like Nina was a Godsend to me.


"I gained a lot of weight from eating processed foods while transitioning. From the information Nina provided, I felt empowered to go on my own and be successful on a plant-based diet. I still have a long way to go, but I really feel like she was a Godsend to me. Working with Nina helped to empower me, helped me feel my best self."

- Christina Williams

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Karen's point of view


Nina: If you were to describe your experience of the Strong Woman Makeover to your best friend, what would you say?

Karen: It's an amazing program to teach you, really, how to eat well and balance exercise. The people you come in contact with are all in the same position as you and we communicate with each other and work past the things that have kept us failing in the past. Nina is the most amazing instructor I've come across in all my years of trying to lose my weight. Amazing!


Nina: What's one thing you'd like me to keep doing?

Karen: I love our meetings, it really helps for the week to keep things in line and focused.


Nina: In 3 sentences or less, can you describe any reservations you had before signing up for the program?

Karen: I've always failed in any other program I've done. I was afraid, before I talked to you, that this was just going to be the same, I almost canceled. I wasn't sure I had faith in myself to do it.


Nina: In 3 sentences or less, what did I do that helped you decide to sign up for the program?

Karen: Talking to you, the actual person, not someone else. The time you take with each person, not rushing us or forcing us to make a decision. You shared things in the initial meeting that brought things to light, it made me excited and nervous all at the same time


Nina: Can you list your achievements throughout the program?

Karen: I've become a fully plant-based vegan. I am working out more and more. I feel so much better and know that by keeping this up, I'll feel even more fantastic and proud of myself.

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Discover all the ways Nina can help you finally live the life of your dreams through transforming your body and soul.

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Learn More About Nina's Coaching Programs

Discover all the ways Nina can help you finally live the life of your dreams through transforming your body and soul.

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